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We and a little about us


The Society shall be called the “Electronics Club, LU”.


The Electronics Club is an independent student group which seeks to provide students with an opportunity to learn practical aspects of various areas in electrical and electronics to enhance their skills so that they become compatible to work in any national or international organization.



Represent the university throughout the whole world by generating technological innovation and competing in national/international competitions.

Develop member’s skills in electronics, robotics, machine (electrical), industrial automations and autonomous vehicles (for both air and land).

Develop electrical and electronic device considering socio-economic status of our society.


A core committee shall exist as follows:


The head of the department of EEE of the university will be the advisor of the club to ensure the overall activities of the society and to escort the committee. He/she will form a committee including senior faculty members of the department to select the following club members.

Responsible for setting the agenda at, and chairing meetings. Acting as a contact for queries, co-coordinating activities and delegating responsibilities.

Vice President

Responsible for setting up the meeting schedule and venue. Coordinating with secretary and upper order officials of the University for a particular program.

Responsible for the following

Club bylaws

Key Club Guidebook

Key Club Timeline

Minutes of all club meetings-regular and board meetings

Committee reports

List of committee chairs and members

Joint Secretary

Responsible for minute-taking and the keeping of membership information. He/she will also be responsible for the following

Club’s past achievement reports

Club’s past monthly reports

Copies of the club’s current and past annual dues submissions

Club members’ roster to continue the weekly workshop.

Organizing Secretary

Organizing various programs, coordinating with different wings of the club and members related to the program. He/she will also update the club members following information for any emergency call prior to organizing any function.

Member’s full name, home address, phone, and e-mail address

Date of birth

Date of joining Key Club

Committee assignments and offices held in Key Club

Chief interest in Key Club work and chief interest in sports and hobbies

Names and addresses of present Key Club officers

Responsible for monitoring money going in and out of the society account, collecting membership fees, and the purchasing of essential equipment.

Publicity Secretary

Responsible for the publicity of the committee. Also will monitor the joining of new members to the club. He/she will be responsible to circulate the news of upcoming functions to be organized by the electronics club.

Executive Members

It consists of 5 members from the students to organize different events and to help the other members to evaluate the ethics, idea and values of the society.

Validity of the club committee

The committee will commence once in a year by the approval of the advisors. As mentioned earlier, there will be a post selection process run by the advisor and other senior faculty members of the department of EEE for the post from President till executive members.

Termination of membership

The general rules and regulation of the club is attached here as Annexure-2. Any member found to violate the rules of the club will be given a warning first. His/her membership may be terminated after two warning.

General Activities

Electronics Club, LU will organize a weekly workshop on every Thursday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. Apart from the workshop, the club will organize intra-university project fairs once/twice in a year. Also, the club will arrange inter university project contest once in a year.


Membership shall be open to the students of the Leading University who has the passion for the electronics, robotics, power and machine and, who possess a minimum certain level of knowledge of basic principles of electrical and electronics. Membership shall be permitted by the committee. He/she may pay a fee of tk 100/= and fill up the membership form to join the club. The membership form is attached as in Annexure-1.


To regulate and maintain the club activities some fund might be needed from the university. However, the club will get sponsor(s) for the specific programs such as Inter-University Robotics Contest.

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